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Podcast Club

Have you exhausted your podcast list? Not sure what to listen to next?
We asked our panelists to identify podcasts they listen to. Here are their recommendations!

Recommended by: Amber Thibaut, Coco Moon

"This podcast consistently delivers action oriented content that you can apply to your own business. Their information is tactical and specific, giving you tools that you can implement in your own business."

Recommended by: Jennifer Luck, Common Ground

Recommended by: Susan Eichor, aio

"Energy, commitment, belief in your mission. While these stories are about great athletes, I find that the inspiration and lessons apply to all aspects of life. Now, let’s go climb that mountain!"

Recommended by: Chenise Iwamasa, Ziva Law LLC

"... for its wisdom and insight on life and living with purpose."

Recommended by: Maila Mason, Columbia Business School

"It is engaging and they break down really important topics for lay audiences. Brilliant."

Recommended by: Dana Arakawa, thrive808

"A timely, research-based discussion on this phase of the pandemic."

Recommended by: Elisia Flores, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue

"It's always entertaining, and sometimes you just want to be entertained!"

Recommended by: Unyong Nakata, Y. Hata & Co., Ltd.

"It's key to know the past to understand the current and prepare for the future."

Recommended by: Terri Funakoshi, YWCA Oahu

"Conversations with change-catalysts, culture-shifters and more than a few troublemakers who are innovating, creating, and daring to lead."

Recommended by: Dr. Christina Kishimoto, Voice4Equity

"Available in both Spanish and English, this podcast has fascinating little known stories about the Puerto Rican experience and Puerto Rican people."

Recommended by: Janice Ikeda, Vibrant Hawaiʻi

Recommended by: Chenoa Farnsworth, Blue Startups

"... continuous learning is critical."