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Podcast Club

Have you exhausted your podcast list? Not sure what to listen to next?
We asked our panelists to identify podcasts they listen to. Here are their recommendations!

Recommended by: Jennifer Tanabe

"A podcast all about financial independence."

Recommended by: Colleen McAluney

"It is fun, engaging and full of our local island leaders' experience and expertise."

Recommended by: Jennifer Oyer

"It's like taking a mini marketing training every.single.time. She provided actionable steps & strategies for business owners like me!"

Recommended by: Kailee Freitas

"It's an amazing podcast featuring local talents and they discuss different issues and topics relating to the people of Hawai'i. We are featured in one of their early episodes."

Recommended by: Chelsa Davis

"I absolutely love her podcast! It is for the goal-getting wahine, she shares stories of truth and such powerful advice that has inspired me within my personal and business life."

Recommended by: Clarissa Chun

Recommended by: Crystal DeRosier

"They feature women throughout history, oftentimes where little is known and do deep dives and research to bring these stories to life."

Recommended by: Jennifer Tanabe

 "A podcast all about building your career and making smart money choices."

Recommended by: Karen Tan

"This podcast takes the principles from The Advantage, and other books that Lencioni has written, and plays them out with real world examples. All the episodes in the series are geared toward helping leaders develop in their knowledge of organizational health."

Recommended by: Kolby Moser

"We really try to find local guests who will inspire!"

Recommended by: Leilani Sills

"I didn't have any mentors when I started my business... Finding someone on my own and not knowing where to look made it difficult to learn...  They aren't from Hawaii but as experts in their field, I've learned so much about running a product based business from them, as well as shifting my mindset into being the Boss of my business."

Recommended by: Lynn Babington

"They present a variety of very interesting topics and ways of viewing the world and I always learn something new."

Recommended by: Maile Meyer

"Because we are humans."

Recommended by: Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua

"This podcast features local nonprofit leaders and community organizers who are doing amazing work for social justice, environmental health, and self-determination."

Recommended by: Sage Ke'alohilani Quiamno

"It has diverse perspective on how to approach DEI at any organization."

Recommended by: Sari De

"BIPOC change makers and culture shapers and is filled with stories of hope, resilience and ways to care for ourselves, honor our past and shape our future."