Wahine Book Club

Have you finished all the books in your home library?
Not to worry!

Here are some suggestions from our Wahine Forum speakers and the Hawaii Business Magazine team to keep you inspired and motivated.

Recommended by: Karen Tan, Child & Family Service

"This book provides a model of organizational health that helps guide leadership by providing a common set of principles that helps leaders clarify the purpose, functions, and decision-making process for their team."

Recommended by: Jennifer Tanabe, ALTRES

"It's my favorite book when it comes to developing strong professional and personal habits, and I refer to it often. I gift it to others whenever I can."

Recommended by: Colleen McAluney, Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership

"It helps to define emotions in an easy identifiable read, and then gain strength and understanding of our own situational experiences."

Recommended by: Jennifer Oyer, Community Impact Advisors

"It's the foundation of my work and a reminder to me of how great leaders can elevate human energy in order to receive the full potential, energy, and talent from others."

Recommended by: Sage Keʻalohilani Quiamno

Amazon Prime Video & Studios

"I am recommending it because this author breaks down what it means to be inclusive by centering the experiences of women of color."

Recommended by: Shannon Okinaka, Hawaiian Airlines

""It really challenged me to think differently about problems."

Recommended by: Tracey Wiltgen, The Mediation Center of the Pacific, Inc.

"A basic negotiation guide for learning and honing your skills."

Recommended by: Chelsea Wong, The Queen's Medical Center

"One of the best books for trauma informed care unique to historical and intergenerational trauma with American Indians and other indigenous populations."

Recommended by: Darien Siguenza, Purple Maiʻa Foundation

Recommended by: Maile Meyer

Native Books / Na Mea Hawaiʻi

"I recommend this book because it focuses on healing intergenerational trauma. Hawaiʻi must focus on addressing historical truths if we want to achieve pono and live aloha."

Recommended by: Lynn Babington, Chaminade University of Honolulu

"This book focuses on how the best leaders can make everyone smarter- great strategies for getting the most out of your team and teaching others to do the same. There is a cumulative effect for an organization."

Recommended by: Leilani Sills, The Keiki Dept.

"This book came highly recommended and it's also an audio book (plus for a multi-tasking mom). It changed my mindset on how to think about profit and was a game changer on how to look at monthly revenue goals!"

Recommended by: Unyong Nakata, Nakata Advisory, LLC

Recommended by: Mary Fastenau, Anthology Marketing Group, a Finn Partners Company

"The book gets to the heart of what great leaders can do to inspire others and understand and promote the real value of their businesses."

Recommended by: Su Shin

Hawaiian Telcom

"It’s a well written piece of historical fiction that is as much a love story as it is a story of loss that comes from war – loss of loved ones as well as loss of identity and a sense of belonging. I really enjoyed it because as a Korean-American I found the story to be both interesting and informative. I’m recommending it because I think it’s important to learn from our history and this book provides a unique perspective from four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family that ends up in Japan. It’s about love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty, with strong, stubborn women playing central characters in this novel."

Recommended by: Sari De, Nine of Us

"A great read on what it's like to be in spaces where there aren't many other like us."

Recommended by: Gina Anonuevo, First Hawaiian Bank

"I am recommending this book because the concepts in the book are a close match as to why I feel I have succeeded in my career. “The best way to succeed is not to try and take everything from life for yourself, but to share it with others."

Recommended by: Clarissa Chun, University of Iowa

Recommended by: Kuʻulani Keohokalole, People Strategies Hawaiʻi

"I'm recommending this because, especially in Hawaiʻi, we find it hard to have difficult conversations like those about colonization and racism in the workplace; itʻs seen as taboo to bring them up or itʻs hard to keep people engaged in the conversation. This book is an easy-to-read primer with tangible tools for having those conversations."

Recommended by: Crystal DeRosier

Halekulani Corporation

"This book is for everyone, even if you don't consider yourself an 'artist' by the conventional definition. Everyone has an inner child or part of ourselves that enjoys making something, whether that is cooking, gardening, or actual paint and brush... and in life, this part of ourselves tends to take a backseat when responsibilities come crashing down on us. This book acts like a guide to help you uncover those shadow parts of yourself and give them the light of day. It was transformative for me to do the program outlined in the book."

Recommended by: Kailee Freitas, Mahina Made

"She was the founder of Aden + Anaias, which is a huge baby brand. She talks about her entrepreneurial journey and everything she had to give up and the ups and downs of owning a business."

Recommended by: Ashley Lukens, Ashley Lukens Consulting Inc

Recommended by: Leah Lee, Director of Advancement & Alumnae Relations, La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls

Recommended by: Chelsa Davis, Ao Organics Hawaii & Ao Zero Waste

"This book was so powerful in helping me recognize areas in my life where I may sabotage myself. I think as entrepreneurs, stepping out of our comfort zones is something we do everyday by pursuing our dreams. As business owners, there is no one but ourselves to hold ourselves accountable...another area where self sabotage can happen. Or trying out new ideas. All the risk can feel debilitating to the point where we never go for it. But when we focus on the block between ourself and the life we want to live we can overcome so much."

Recommended by: Noelani Goodyear-Kaopua

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; Kamehameha Schools

"Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, the third volume in the Value of Hawaiʻi series centers the idea of “Hulihia”--a massive upheaval and change. offers multigenerational visions of a Hawaiʻi not defined by the United States. Community leaders, cultural practitioners, artists, educators, and activists share exciting paths forward for the future of Hawaiʻi, on topics such as education, tourism and other economies, elder care, agriculture and food, energy and urban development, the environment, sports, arts and culture, technology, and community life. These visions ask us to recognize what we truly value about our home, and offer a wealth of starting points for critical and productive conversations together in this time of profound and permanent change."